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“Big Leadership” principles

Big Leadership is a term used by Major General Perry M. Smith, retired USAF.  General Smith is an author and speaking coach on Leadership. His premise holds that many leaders in the high ranking positions follow not only the main principles of leadership but must exercise vision, long term thinking sometimes referred to as strategic […]

Management vs. Leadership

Managers as leaders?  Of course they are.  But so are many others in an organization.  It’s been said that managers look after things, and leaders look after people.  Logic might suggest, that if the tasks don’t involve other people, then there is no requirement for leadership. Now Stephen Covey relates a great story in his book […]

Pilot Uniforms

Do you know the reason for the airline pilot uniform – and a hat? I did some research on uniforms.  After all, I spent most of my professional life in one.  Air Force, airlines and even the unique executive business jet uniforms were either in my closet, in my suitcase or on my back for […]

What Circle are you focused on?

In the previous post, I mentioned a puzzle – the C. of C. made smaller by the C. of I.? You have seen the image so you certainly know the answer – the Circle of Concern1 made smaller by your Circle of Influence1.  The diagram shows that as we build the inside circle of influence, it begins to expand and reduces our outer circle […]