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Exciting Radio Interview

Wow, the wonders of our internet age. I joined Twitter; gathered a following and followed others; made some connections and within no time, I have an interview invite from someone more than 3,000 miles away. Domonick Domasky is an author and host of an Inspirational Talk show.  His friendly approachable character made the opportunity to […]

Aviation is Now Normal – What a Pity

  I recently saw the trailer to the upcoming documentary, Invisible Highway. I look forward to seeing the program as it is aligned with my deepest beliefs.  My love of flying, my gratitude to the pioneers and visionaries that have made the amazing strides in flying efficiency and wonder.  These men and women  have steered […]

Accident analysis – Reason’s Model how does this apply in Life

What can we learn from Accident Investigation in our own lives?  And, what valuable life lessons can we use daily? Dr. Reason provided a model that has become known as the Swiss Cheese layers for accident prevention. His example demonstrates how a  variety of processes can interrupt the chain of events leading to an accident.  […]

How Pilots Make Decisions

We last spoke of the tremendous responsibilities of people who hold positions of Authority.  They are often successful if they have made a habit of making decisions and taking stock on the outcomes of their choices. Aviators are tasked to work in a complex environment that changes rapidly, and has inherent risks that require critical […]