Dale Erhart

Keynote Speaker

Dale Erhart has spoken as a Keynote speaker for many audiences.  Whether he is leading a University Commencement ceremony or providing a eight-day lecture series to Cruise Ship Passengers, Dale engages his audience with passion and poise.  Lecturing and entertaining Associations from Canada to Europe and the Middle East, Dale engages his razor sharp skills that have been honed from his experience as a Fighter Pilot Instructor and Public Affairs officer.  As a Toastmaster he is continually refining his talks to match the demands of modern audiences.

How does he do it? 

Read on to see Dale’s background, how he maintains an exciting lifestyle and then shares his gifts and secrets for us all – if we dare.

Dale loves creating and is enraptured by machines – especially fast ones.

It is no surprise then that he was driven to serve in the Air Force. Initially he trained as an Aircraft Technician and was subsequently accepted into Pilot Training at only 19.

A TOP WINGS GRADUATE, Dale went on to fly fighters for the Canadian Air Force.

When Canada received the NFA (New Fighter Aircraft) – CF-18 Hornet they hand picked only 13 initial cadre instructors – Dale was the youngest.

AIRSHOWS.  His performance and marketing skills placed him as the Airshow pilot when the plane was just being introduced to the public. He thrilled audiences and was a true Ambassador for the Canadian Fighter Pilot Community.

This career meant traveling to remote parts of Canada, so with a heavy heart, Dale decided in the interests of his family, to relocate near his children’s grandparents.

After the move to Winnipeg, Dale made a switch in technology – only backwards. From the advanced, glass cockpit F-18 fighter to an aircraft built in 1942, the DC-3 Dakota. Dale was back in the Air Force Reserve and was learning the skills of a TRANSPORT PILOT. It wasn’t long before he was called to join Air Canada.

20 years with the nation’s airline, flying as a Captain on the diminutive CRJ Regional Jet, right up to the international ultra long range Airbus A-340 500 series. Dale’s experience and background led him to serve as a Tech Safety Representative for the airline and an ACCIDENT INVESTIGATOR for the Pilot’s Association.

Yet still another new adventure awaited. Dale’s son Adam landed an extraordinary flying position as a VIP Pilot on a sparkling new Canadair CL-604 Business Jet flying from London to Cairo and eventually to more than 30 countries. The appeal was too strong, so Dale joined his son and became the Director of Air Crew Operations for a VIP Aircraft Asset Management Company. This positon included commanding the world class Bombardier Global Express XRS Jet. So Dale was blessed to work along side of his son and experienced a form of flying and lifestyle unseen by most. Moving to Cyprus in the Mediterranean for four years was another benefit.  Dale and his wife truly embraced the adventure with a commitment to make the best of their time abroad.

After 4 years and reaching the age of 55, Dale decided to end his 35 years of flying, appreciating that he accomplished three careers and 15,000 hours. He also developed extensive leadership, decision making and management skills that steered him and others into opportunities that most would never dream to try.

Free from scheduled workloads, Dale and his wife have traveled extensively, participated in fund raising musicals and conducted outreach within the Church and the community. Volunteering is a rewarding experience and is so much easier when time and income are no longer priorities. His decision to return to a speaking profession has taken him on Cruise Ships, and conferences around the world.  A member of Toastmasters, Dale takes his service to speaking audiences most seriously.

Today, Dale is pleased to share his stories and help others realize their dreams.

He is driven by a deep interest in leadership and motivation – and how they impact results. As a motivational speaker, he has an arsenal of strategies and tips to inspire anyone who wishes to improve their lives, and increase the success of their families, communities or companies.

His goals and standards in speaking are not unlike those he had while flying. He values the profession and maintains a professional presentation, combined with approachability and sincerity. Dale respects that audiences are giving precious moments of their time and warrant being informed, entertained and inspired. Click here to read Testimonials.

New Career, Who’d have thought that retirement could be beaten?  My Agency owner and mentor has retired and convinced my Son, Adam and me to continue his quest of bringing Presenters and Audiences together on a worldwide scale. So I am now the proud owner and operator of Cruise Speakers Association.  More details are available on the website.  Our Vision is simple – to have the best possible experience for Cruise Ship passengers who yearn to return for more by our Presenters that also feel most fulfilled in sharing live presentation experiences.

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