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About Dale

Who is Dale?

  • Creative, Thoughtful, Decisive
  • Builder, Operator, Enthusiast, Technician
  • Pilot (Fighters, Airliners, Business Jets)
  • Life Planning Master, (Family, Career, Finance, Retirement, Outreach)
  • Passions for Leadership, Goal Setting, Inspiring Others

Keynote Speaking

Dale Erhart provides professional talks and keynote speeches to motivate and drive action.

From his career of flying fighters, airliners and premier executive jets, to his work in accident investigation, chief operations officer, and executive management positions overseas, Dale has the professional expertise to master most any challenge.  When combined with his ongoing philanthropic outreach activities and generous social skills he readily lays a foundation for stimulating stories and creative insights on the choices we make – everyday!

Sample Topics

  • Leadership

    Management vs. Leadership

    Command and Control – Tactics and Strategy

  • Decision Making

    Practical Decision Making

    What Aviation teaches us about Decision Making

  • Life Planning

    Big Changes in our Lives – Coping is not enough

    Triad of Life Planning – Time is one of three factors

  • Aviation

    Fighter Aviation – Training an F-18 Pilot

    Accident Investigations – The ‘Go Team‘

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