My experience with Dale has been affirmatively heartening since hearing him speak at my University & Flight School graduation ceremony in 2004.  My class was fortunate enough to have him as our guest speaker at our commencement in the days before he officially launched his career as a Speaker.  His encouraging words of integrity, persistence, planning and dealing with adversity were applicable not only to the graduating class but all who were in attendance.

Several years later I was given an incredible job opportunity as Commander on a Citation Jet 3 and First Officer on a Global Express XRS aircraft along side Dale for an overseas VIP Aircraft Asset Management Company.  While on the road with Dale I quickly saw that the principles he spoke of years ago at my graduation ceremony were the absolute fabric of his being – in other words he was walking his talk.

As I got to know Dale I first thought the great life he was enjoying was purely due to luck. I wondered if life had ever given Dale a bad card.  I had never heard him speak a negative word about his past so naturally it took me some time to catch on that his trademark move was to admirably champion adversity into opportunity.

I am fortunate to have spent four years working with Dale as I have had a first hand look into the extraordinary life and career he purposefully constructed. I wholeheartedly recommend Dale for any audience; his genuine words will undoubtedly energize individuals and groups alike.  The way in which he can encapsulate his experience into meaningful anecdotes and dialogue will benefit anyone who listens.

Jeff DittmerInternational Business Jet Captain. He resides in London, England.

Having observed Dale as a speaker and as one of my stage performers, I can wholeheartedly attest to his skills at capturing the audience with his vibrant energy and presence.

My background as an educator and as a Musical Director entails critical observation of the talents on stage.  These skills enable me to immediately recognize who is nervous, who has trouble connecting with the audience, and who can win their hearts. Dale brings great energy and is a pleasure to work with in our musicals.  I have also witnessed him giving a public presentation where he captured the audience with his sincerity, emotion, and clearly articulated message.

Dale’s confidence and warm presence sets the audience immediately at ease. He presents his message clearly and with the passion needed to keep the audience engaged. In the 9 years I¹ve known Dale, I¹m constantly surprised at his vast experience in so many realms. I also feel that he has been blessed with a wide array of talents and has an endearing personality.  His positive nature attracts many friends and he can entertain for hours with captivating stories and valuable advice on anything from computer technology to family relationships.

It is my pleasure to recommend Dale Erhart for any speaking assignment.  He will undoubtedly be well-prepared, very original and creative giving the audience a message with impact.

Gloria Herauf, Musical DirectorRecipient of numerous awards, including: The prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Governor General’s Canada 125 Medal for contribution to the arts. Yorkton Community Theatre

People like Dale Erhart are rare in that he has a broad spectrum of laudable talents, interests, and  accomplishments that would take pages to begin to fully outline. I shall try to touch some noteworthy points, to give you a primer.

Most importantly, for your needs, you should know that Dale is a genuinely likeable gentleman.  He has a character trait that is seldom seen in one’s lifetime.

A congenial fellow who can command the room or fit in quietly as appropriate.  His commanding presence does not derive from his engaging personality, which, of itself, is  magnetic.  What strikes us is a man who radiates what can only be described as a beatific aura. It is more than mere charisma. I believe it is based on authentic innate goodness and decency that comes from within one’s deepest being. This rather indefinable trait is genuine. It cannot be learned. I have seen it only three times in my lifetime.

Irrespective of Dale’s other very considerable accomplishments, this exclusive attribute stands him far above us ordinary mortals. Others might toil away and become outstanding in some area, but could never achieve this inimitable aura of decency and good will which radiates from this man.

What I have related here is perhaps all that one really needs to know about Dale Erhart. You will not discover a better person. Dale’s passion for life is reflected in all that he does.

As the keynote speaker at our son’s flying University wings graduation, Dale was eloquent, informative and most importantly put his audience first.  His introduction focused on both the students and their supporters.  This engagement won the crowd as he continued to provide an uplifting message with pertinent and original anecdotes.  We witnessed numerous complements following his talk that provided testimony to his competency and talent.

You can’t do any better than to engage Dale Erhart as your keynote speaker.

I recommend him to you.

Bob DraderCaptain Robert (Bob) Drader worked as a high steel worker for 5 years in order to fund his University education and go on to becoming a pilot in the RCAF. Enjoyed 8 years of Military life followed by 28 years as an Airline Pilot with Air Canada. Bob is also natural public speaker, invited by his friends and Squadrons to give keynote addresses, votes of thanks, wedding dissertations, eulogies, etc.

Dale is an incredibly well rounded person with a myriad set of life skills who willingly gives of himself. In his role as an outreach driver for the Care-A-Van program, it is his warmth and non-judgemental stance that is truly appreciated by our local homeless population.

The word that best describes his essence is: authenticity. With a genuine kindness, he is willing to motivate, encourage and support those who seek his guidance. He is an attentive listener who understands the problem at hand and with his keen intellect can look at a challenge with an innovative perspective. As a speaker, he is energetic, captivating and conveys his message with great empathy. He is truly a gift to his community.

Helen BoydHelen is a Registered Nurse and Mental Health and Addictions Therapist. She is the recipient of several awards including the British Columbia Community Achievement Award and the Award of Advocacy from the College of Registered Nurses of BC for her work with the homeless population of the Comox Valley.Comox Bay Care Society

It is my pleasure to endorse Dale as a Speaker.

I met Dale 15 years ago. He has always been an inspiration to our congregation and has had a significant impact on the success of our Church.

His gifts of leadership, creative thinking and technical skills compliment his ‘can do’ attitude. Dale is blessed with a warm and welcoming presence that draws him to serve in many positions such as elder, welcoming usher, council and outreach.

He has the confidence, poise and skills to engage the audience and his warm and heartfelt approach gains the attention of his audience and inspires people to take action.

It is always impressive to observe Dale’s confident and courageous actions in career, family and lifestyle choices. He carefully measures options and takes decisive action to reach his goals.

His energy on stage or in speaking publicly is always well received and I hear many comments about his skills and kindness.

Maggie Enwright, Minister Comox United ChurchLawyer, Missionary, Ordained Minister, Community Singer, Actor and Outreach Worker

I have known Dale for 10 years and always enjoy spending time in discussions with him. His vast background provides him endless anecdotes, and his clarity in communicating makes it a pleasure to enter any conversation. I know that it will always be fascinating and enjoyable.

Dale has strong public speaking skills, displaying a relaxed and confident manner. His message is succinct and caring, moving the audience – holding their interest and promoting a call to action.

Dale is a valuable asset to any speaking engagement.

Doug ColwellComplaints Specialist, Provincial Office, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Community Singer, Actor and Outreach Worker

Dale is one of the very few people whom I can truly describe as inspirational. And he inspires those around him with a natural ease, which stems from his genuine willingness to help others. He has been a pivotal mentor to me in both my personal and professional life, and I am but one of many who have had their lives enhanced by Dale’s unique abilities to motivate and inspire.

I have known Dale for 12 years, and during that time, he has been a positive force in my aviation career. He has selflessly mentored me from the very beginning, and continues to do so. From my learning to fly as a student, to helping me prepare for my first job, to teaching me to manage a team as a new captain, to refining my skills as a more experienced pilot, Dale has been there for me with a clear viewpoint and with the wisdom of many lives.

In life, there are opportunities. To capture these opportunities one requires certain abilities, but what is sometimes forgotten is that one also needs the drive and courage to capture life’s potential. Dale has a rare ability to foster the maximum potential of those around him. During my career, I hit a speed bump. There was a point where things had really not turned out as I had planned. The future appeared grim. Dale was able to take me from this low point, put life in perspective, and help launch me back on track to my current rewarding and successful career.

As a motivational speaker, Dale has the ability to reach the broad audience.  It is difficult to truly capture with words Dale’s gift. I encourage you to see Dale speak, or to simply sit for coffee with him. Then you will know the true richness of his gift.

Blake DraderPilot at Cathay Pacific, former VIP Business Jet Captain

My wife and I had the opportunity of meeting Dale on a cruise recently and hearing his lectures.  His stories and experiences were so captivating that everyone in the audience was immediately tracking with him.  Dale has a great sense of ‘reading’ his audience and even in answering questions from the “floor” he had a phenomenal knowledge of all incidents brought up by the audience participants.  He was immediately able to discuss the event with expertise and give a meaningful and concise answer.  My wife was amazed at how Dale was able to “put the cookies on the bottom shelf,” as she put it, so even someone with little knowledge of the subject not only understood what Dale was talking about, but also found it very interesting.  We hope to find another cruise where Dale will be speaking so we can hear more of his interesting and informative lectures.

Forry and MarilynCruise Ship Passengers
Aileen StrongPassenger South American 49 day Cruise