Professional Speaking

This may well be the best opportunity to find the perfect speaker for your event.  Dale has proven skills that assure a dynamic success every time. Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what his audiences and clients have had to say. (For the full testimonials please visit the testimonials page here.)

…affirmatively heartening

…encouraging words of integrity

…his trademark move was to admirably champion adversity into opportunity

…wholeheartedly recommend Dale for any audience; his genuine words will undoubtedly energize individuals and groups alike

…vibrant energy and presence

…Dale brings great energy and is a pleasure

…he captured the audience with his sincerity, emotion, and clearly articulated message

…Dale’s confidence and warm presence sets the audience immediately at ease.

…he can entertain for hours with captivating stories

…well-prepared, very original and creative

…can command the room or fit in quietly as appropriate

…authentic innate goodness and decency that comes from within one’s deepest being

…As the keynote speaker at our son’s flying University wings graduation, Dale was eloquent, informative and most importantly put his audience first.

…We witnessed numerous complements following his talk that provided testimony to his competency and talent.

…The word that best describes his essence is: authenticity.

…As a speaker, he is energetic, captivating and conveys his message with great empathy.

…confidence, poise and skills to engage the audience

…strong public speaking skills, displaying a relaxed and confident manner

…Dale is a valuable asset to any speaking engagement.

…few people whom I can truly describe as inspirational.

…pivotal mentor

…drive and courage to capture life’s potential

…I encourage you to see Dale speak, or to simply sit for coffee with him. Then you will know the true richness of his gift.

…so captivating that everyone in the audience was immediately tracking with him

…Dale has a great sense of ‘reading’ his audience

…‘reading’ his audience and even in answering questions from the “floor” he had a phenomenal knowledge of all incidents brought up by the audience

…discuss the event with expertise and give a meaningful and concise answer.  My wife was amazed at how Dale was able to “put the cookies on the bottom shelf,”…someone with little knowledge of the subject not only understood what Dale was talking about, but also found it very interesting.

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